8 Tips To Check Home Defects and Rectifications for HDB BTO Home Owners

Published on January 12, 2021 

Defects can happen and the outcome may not be desirable especially when you have invested a few hundred thousand dollars for your home. Most new homeowners are not familiar with the things to look out for in a new home after receiving their keys. Therefore, we have carefully compiled a list of things that you can do to ensure a smooth defect check and rectification process for your new home.

check home defects

1. Check home defects as soon as you collect your keys!

It is recommended for you to look for defects and report them to HDB for rectification within 7 days of receiving your keys or before the start of renovation works. Hence, you shouldn’t procrastinate if you want to move in earlier. You should not overlook this step as any form of rectification work needed during or after renovation will be at your own cost.

2. 1-year Defects Liability Period (DLP)

DLP for new homes will kick in from the key collection date. It will last for a year. During this period, you are encouraged to report any defects to HDB, and rectification works will be carried out by the contractor within 14 days. After the 1 year period, you will have to look for your own contractor to perform those works at your own cost.

3. Rectify all defects before the start of any renovation work

This is to avoid any disputes over who is responsible for the defects during or after the renovation is completed.

4. Don’t confuse warranty with DLP

HDB offers 5-year warranty coverage for water seepage from external wall and ceiling leaks in toilets and kitchen, and 10-year warranty coverage for spalling concrete which can arise from corrosion of steel reinforcement bars.

5. Building Services Centre (BSC)

They are located at every new HDB project site till the lapse of the DLP. You can submit a request for rectification works at the BSC or online. The officers will follow up with your request. The location of the BSC can be found in the welcome kit.

6. Completion time of rectification works varies

A joint inspection will be arranged by BSC to verify the items being reported. Once this is completed, a contractor will be signed to handle the rectification works. You should invest in a proper lock to secure your home instead of handing over your keys to the contractor for security reasons. Another inspection will be conducted to ensure that the items being rectified are up to satisfaction.

7. Save $400 by doing your own inspection

You can leverage on BCA’s detailed quality home guide to conduct your own inspection. Otherwise, it is better for you to leave it to the professionals if you don’t have the time to do so. Hiring a professional will cost about $400.

8. Perform your defect checks on or after a rainy day and at night

home defects

Poorly finished parquet floorings are easier to spot at night. Water seepage marks and damp walls are easier to spot on or after a rainy day. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend too much time during the day to perform defect inspection.

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