What Makes A Good HDB Kitchen Design?

Published on November 3, 2020 

In the interior design process, "Space planning is first" and meeting our client's goals is the priority. Designing a Home and Kitchen is never easy, and many homeowner's task and responsibility are knowing their desire space layouts with their lifestyle's flow in the kitchen. Let us show you 8 types of Awesome HDB kitchen design layout:

1. Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen is a long and narrow kitchen that is efficient and accessible. With the trend going towards creating open-kitchen, the galley kitchen can make your kitchen walkway feels like it's part of the hallway too.

hdb kitchen design

2. L-shape Kitchen

True to its name, the classic L-shaped kitchen works well with limited space. In most cases, L-shaped kitchens utilise two walls at a right angle.

3. Single-wall Kitchen

Single-wall or one-wall kitchen are generally encountered in small homes, using minimal work areas to create multi-functional cabinets and spaces. You will find all electrical appliances like oven, fridge cooker hood and hob, placed along one wall. The work areas can be found here as well.

4. Breakfast bar

There are many benefits of having a kitchen breakfast bar. It is a great replacement for the standard laminate kitchen worktop. It can be used for food preparation and recreational activities like reading, guiding your kids with their homework and casual conversations with friends.

5. U-shape Kitchen

The U-Shape kitchen is excellent for homeowners who want to create ample space in their kitchen.

6. Open shelving

Open kitchen shelving is becoming more popular as they allow homeowners to have access to frequently used items like dishes, plates and mugs. They can serve as an aesthetic element to beautify your kitchen and make it more homely to your guests.

7. Kitchen Island

Some trend comes, some trend goes but Kitchen island is here to stay. It serves as an additional space for storage besides your kitchen cabinets. It acts as a place for informal gatherings among family members to spend quality time together and allows you to monitor your kids when you are busy in the kitchen. A movable island is great for situations where you need more counter or floor space.

8. Pull-out Pantry

A small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a super-organized, well-stocked pantry. For best results for space-saving, you can invest in a set of pull-out shelves to go with your cabinet to get maximum storage space.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of various kitchen layout can help to make greater decisions for the spaces you need in the Kitchen.

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