9 Home Interior Colour Combination Design Tips That Will Transform Your HDB

Published on November 10, 2020 

Did you know that colours have the ability to affect our mood and mental states? In fact, colours affect our psychology tremendously and literally impact our health and mental wellness. Colour is a fundamental of interior design. But beyond imagining how colours will look together and work in your home, it’s important to consider how they will make you feel. 

home interior colour combination

Let's kick off with 9 Home Interior Colour Combination Tips that will transform your HDB Interior:

1. Play with Shapes

Lines, surfaces, form, and shapes are associated with geometry, whether it's in theory or in the world of design. Fundamentally, geometric forms come down to 1 thing: shape. Knowing how to incorporate them into your design requires advance skills. Hence, you should consult your painter or interior design for tips on how to do it right.

2. Make it Half

Half painted walls are a simple way to inject some colours into your home. It is a way of painting the walls, in two different ambient.

Study Room

3. Choose 3 to 5 Colours

Colour is the biggest element that’s used in Interior designing. When we talk about colours, new homeowners often find a hesitation or nervousness about selecting and committing to a single colour that’s unfamiliar. Why not choose over 3-5 colours/tones instead of one single colour? A colour scheme with too many colours may be challenging to manage its attraction well and it will often make the design look too busy. On the other hand, too few colours can make the design look boring. Painting one, two or three colours with two tones that match the colours go together well with its mixture of combinations.

4. Go Monochrome

Decorating Home Interiors in the Elegant Black and White is a popular and chic approach. Going for the Monochromatic Interior Style is bold and classy at the same time, dreaming up a minimalist yet contrasting interior space.

5. Feature Wall

You can use colour paints to create a feature wall as they are not only simple but easy to do. Be sure to select bold colours that blends nicely with the design palette that you have chosen for your interior space. If your goal is to add more mood and drama to a room while retaining the lightness, consider adding a dark featured wall.

Feature Wall

6. Contrast Your Colours

The vibrancy of contrasting colours will enhance the aesthetics of your home to make it attractive. It’s a bold and eye-catching colour combination with contemporary style in the above picture.

7. Go Light or Dark

Use lighter colours to make your home look more spacious. Darker colours tend to look more luxurious and sophisticated. Even for black, there are different hues with their individual impact.

8. Choose White for Elegance

Choosing an all-white colour scheme may seem to be the safest option of all, and it is also a misconception that it is plain and boring.

Elegant home interiors don’t have to be stiff and stuffy. Painting a room white can make it feel clean, spacious, elegant, at the same time, simple, it’s always the go-to colour when you want something simple and less distracting. However, Tiny variations between white paints can give a vastly different effect in your space.

9. Popular Colours

People are always looking for new ideas for the home's interior painting colours. If you’re redesigning one single room or the entire house, you will always find a colour that makes the whole scene come together in a beautiful new way. Here are some of the popular and favourite colours use for HDB in Singapore: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

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