How Much Does A Home Office Renovation Cost?

Published on December 23, 2020 

Home office renovation is not a commonly discussed topic among individuals. However, with the rise of the gig economy and online businesses in Singapore, home offices are becoming more popular. It not only allows an individual to save money on rising rental costs by turning their room into a comfortable and conducive space for operating their business, it gives married couples to have the flexibility to keep an eye on their kids while they are working.

If you are planning to renovate an office in your Home in Singapore, knowing the cost is important. There are several factors that can increase or decrease the costs such as the fittings and alterations made, mechanical and electrical services plus materials and furniture.

Home Office Renovation

1) Price of materials required

Your choice of material will have a direct influence on the cost of renovating your office. Hence, it is important for you to plan your budget wisely. For example, marble flooring will cost more than vinyl flooring due to the amount of labour required and quality of material used. In addition, it is important for you to have clear and constant communication with your contractor/designer on your specific needs as delays can result in increased expenses.

2) Home Office's size

Determine your home office size and decide on the best position for the power points and lightings. Measure the space and furniture you want to use and add it to the floor plan and space.

3) Wall and Soundproofing

There are several considerations for the soundproofing walls in your new home office. You want to think about what type of wall will work best for your space.

home office

4) Electrical Outlet

Leverage on licensed electricians to install electrical outlets for your office. Don’t do it on your own especially if you are not trained.

5) Childproofing

Working from home with kids around can pose a challenge especially when you are trying to concentrate and want minimal disturbances from other people.

To protect your children especially young kids from any risk of electrocution, it is advisable for you to childproof all your electric outlets since kids tend to put their fingers everywhere.

6) Cabinet and Storage

Any home office would need to be completed with storage, shelving and cabinets. You will need to store and display work files, laptop as well as books, and office supplies.

Whatever you use the home office for, you will need somewhere to store the equipment and materials you will use.

7) Colours

Painting a room is an excellent way to add style, comfort and atmosphere to it. You can choose any colour that meets your design style. Cost of painting varies according to the size of your room and quality of paint used.


When hiring a professional to decorate or redesign your home, it is crucial to know the prices and workmanship for the design you may want to accomplish.

Things that you need to think before contacting your Interior Designer:

-What are the styles that you love the most?
-What inspired you to choose this specific style?
-What is your favourite colour?
-What is the timeframe for completion?
-What is your budget?

Don’t worry if your first design idea is not good enough as this may be something new for you. However, it should not stop you from creating their dream workspace with the help of an experienced designer. 

Let our Professional Interior Designer help you with your Dream Home Office!

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