How To Prepare Your Home For The Rainy Season In Singapore

Published on September 1, 2021 

It is not surprising news that Singapore has been consistently having heavy rainfall the past few weeks, having one of the worst weather anomalies that consistently produce flash floods all around the island. Rainy weather definitely feels  good because they help to cool and clean the air, refreshing the earth after a heavy downpour; but at the same time, they can cause much destruction to your interiors in the long run.

Rainy weather is definitely the silent killer we don’t recognise often because Singapore’s climate is too hot to not cherish the once in blue moon cold air. We will take this opportunity to highlight a few tips below to ensure the vitality of your home for the long run, as well as ways to enjoy the breezy weather!

Beware Of The Silverfish And Moulds

When the weather gets cold, we often turn to getting more blankets and hoodies to guard against the chill. This becomes worrisome because the rainy wind draws in moisture and that can kill your fabric! In the long run, this will definitely turn not only your fabric mouldy and smelly, but fear for your furniture’s shelf life as well. This calls for regular changing of your linen, including your bedsheet, pillow covers, rugs and curtains.

Do consider using quick drying linen that can help you save time and effort- a light sheer linen would be even better because they help to accentuate the breezy atmosphere too. Aside from that, consider using silica gel or naphthalene balls that can help prevent moisture accumulation and insect infestation- silverfish infestation is no joke!

This might sound like a paradox, but increasing ventilation would definitely help with the issue of excessive humidity destroying your fabric. Many Singaporeans tend to shut off all entrances and exits completely during a downpour, fearing that rainwater would enter the household since most HDBs do not have a canopy. This in fact would block off any potential regulation of humidity level as air cannot traverse efficiently, resulting in a build up of condensation.

As mentioned, pay extra attention to your furniture as well because excessive moisture can destroy your items after prolonged accumulation. This is especially for the case of many Singaporean households since there has been a trend of using wooden furniture for a Cottagecore or Japandi style interior.

Wooden doors in particular, can swell up when moisture accumulates, resulting in inaccessible doors that are no longer as sleek. Hence, you should ensure all your wooden furniture or pieces have a coat of sealant applied over, this would help prevent any disturbance to your personal belongings for the future.

Proper ventilation of the beautiful toilet at Serangoon Walmer Drive ensures longevity in its radiance.

Look At Your Walls And Floor!

Obviously rainfall is water and water flows with gravity, this poses an issue because puddling is detrimental when it builds up- you can’t always mop up your problems! This might not pose a threat for HDBs in general but nevertheless it is still plausible, beware of wet patches on your walls and ceilings.

The issue of wet floor or ceiling suggests a leaky pipe, drainage block, or absorption of moisture through the ground, and this can lead up to build up of mould or fungus that can be a threat to your health. The worst kinds are when they build up behind your walls or furniture, proving that the most dangerous threats are definitely the unseen ones!

With that, we suggest waterproof coating on walls that are vulnerable to rainfall hazards. These are usually the spots where you find yourself cleaning up after a heavy rainfall. This can also become an issue when you have improper circuitry set up, and leakages could bring about short circuits that can be life threatening.

Consider using sealants or silicon paints for indoor spaces where moisture can seep into and cause such problems. Ultimately, keep a constant look out for any potential threats just by considering the different possibilities. It is definitely worthwhile to have regular infrastructure upkeep rather than destroying a whole chunk of the house when you eventually find toxic fungus.

Parkview Residences Bathroom
Perform visual checks on your own toilet regularly, a clean toilet is a fungus free one.

Make It An Enjoyable Time

Settle in and prepare to have your day interrupted by the heavy rainfall every other day, but don’t lose your morals if you aren’t the greatest fan of rainy weather. Consider having a brighter interior to counteract the gloomy atmosphere since on average it could be quite dark with the cloudy skies.

Create a vibrant environment with sparks of yellow, green or white that could counteract the ominous vibes. This isn’t limited to painting your interiors but also to decorate your interiors with the chosen colours. With that said, painting during the wet season can be a problematic decision because the reactivity of paint is volatile and it is very dependent on the environment.

If the air is overtly moist, the paint might not cling onto the surface as easily, or it could create air bubbles that might destroy the entire paint job. Wet weather will definitely slow down the drying of the paint, and it will definitely be irksome to consider settling on the subsequent layers of paint.

Aside from adding in more colours,  introduce additional lifestyle items you might not have available at your current interiors. This includes an ornate windchime or breezy curtains near your ventilated spots,  creating a soothing scene to accompany the cacophony of the rainfall. Consider having a drying rug near the door to ensure that you don’t bring in puddles when you return from the outside- no one has time to mop up puddles willy nilly.

Trilliant Residences Master Bedroom
This Citylight bedroom is definitely a great bunker to cozy up from the rainy weather.

Don’t Rain On Your Own Parade

With the weather turning inconsistently hazardous, we should all be prepared for this status to be the new norm. Aside from only preparing an umbrella a few minutes before you go out of the house, try the few tips we suggested above to safeguard your home.

It can definitely be expensive to fix spoilt doors or redo walls, thus small consequential acts of prevention can definitely prove effective. Enjoy the cold air and snuggle with your loved ones while watching the newest shows online, but don’t spend half the time worrying about wet weather problems!

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