10 Fragrant Indoor Plants For Your New BTO

Published on October 15, 2021 
indoor plants

Choosing indoor plants for your new home can seem like the last thing on your checklist but the effects they have on your lifestyle has a multiplier effect like no one has ever seen! It can be tedious to caretake the plants everyday so not many people opt to do so, but let's just say there is an insurmountable benefit for the green finger tribe who can look past these efforts. Let us suggest a few starter plants to choose from that are easy to grow, as well as having benefits for your home- and before you know it you will be surrounded by a thriving jungle!


Lavender is fragrant and is perfect to use as a cleanser for rooms that tend to build up odours, such as toilets or bedrooms. It is a natural purifier that can also help to reduce anxiety and nervousness.

Place a pot within the bedroom and it will soothe the user to sleep if restlessness is common at night. The lavender plant requires well-drained soil and strong sunlight, although be careful not to overwater them, and only do so when the soil is dry.


Likewise, the Peppermint helps to soothe and relax the mind with its fragrance. It provides a natural effect of clearing the mind and energy boost, a great option to have right in the home office or gym.

It is aromatic and a double edged sword that can be used in cooking as well, maybe even a cold glass of ice tea. It is easy to grow and can be harvested regularly as long as it has good drainage and constant light.


Jasmine is the third of the series that promotes a good night of sleep with its natural fragrance. Place them in the bedroom and it will help destress and unwind the tired bodies.

Some people also say there are benefits to the liver when used in cooking, such as flavoring beverages, ice cream and even baked goods. Jasmine grows best under the sunlight, with exception of winter jasmine requiring shaded areas.


Rosemary is the last of the plants that are greatly useful for the kitchen, used throughout time as a herb for improving memory. It goes amazing with steak and butter at least!

If you think a perfume diffuser of the rosemary scent is too potent, a real life plant can be a good choice. A rosemary plant by the office table can help to boost mental vitality and memory.

It's an easy choice for a healthy growing plant as it thrives under well lit areas and constant water source, although do remember to trim the plant whenever it flowers.

English Ivy

English Ivy is one of the lesser known plants in Singapore but it has equally great benefits of purifying air. It is great in lowering low levels of mold and irritants in the air, thus great for bedrooms and bathrooms.

If you think about it, placing one pot of English Ivy might lessen the chances of green mold coagulating inside a moist humid toilet. It is said that the English Ivy can purify 94% of airborne mold particles that are allergenic.

Although the leaves are mildly poisonous and can cause rashes, keep in mind to leave the English Ivy high and away from children or pets. Compared to the rest on this chart, this plant can do well under shade or indoor light although bright light is encouraged whenever.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm has the same properties as the English Ivy, removing irritant particles in the air. They are common plants to have in offices or homes as they help to cover a bigger space in terms of interior design.

Keep this in mind that this plant can grow rather quickly and wide, thus providing a good amount of space for it to expand unto. Compared to the rest, this plant has a lot more leaves and thus produces more oxygen that helps to promote healthier living.

Apart from that, if you are a practitioner of feng shui, this plant is believed to bring wealth and prosperity too- a definite all in one. Furthermore, this is a low maintenance plant that can survive with overwatering and trimmed if grown to unkempt stages.


A namesake of its appearance, the Snakeplant is another example of a natural purifier to have at home. It is low maintenance and can survive in almost any environment, although it prefers bright light.

The snake plant is amazing in converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, thus great to have in the bedroom as it's a source of clean air. Aside from natural allergant, it helps to remove chemicals such as formaldehyde and xylene as well, thus a great answer to your new BTO paint odour.

If a busy lifestyle prevents caring for the plants, this choice is sustainable with dry soil as long as it's not prolonged. Fun fact, it is actually also called the “Mother-in-law’s tongue”!

Dracaena Gold Star

Dracaena Gold Star has the same qualities as the snake plant in terms of being a great choice for eliminating man made chemicals in the air. More specifically, this plant can absorb lead in the air!

The Dracaena Gold Star simply looks like a taller version of the snake plant that is uprooted on its trunk. Its abilities to clean the air might seem feeble, studies have shown that this plant can help to improve cognitive function just by its presence in the room.

Hence it would be an excellent choice for the home office or study room! Unlike the others on this list, the Dracaena Gold Star has excellent ornamental value because of its visually dramatic image, making it perfect for homeowners looking to brighten up the home.


Spiderplant, not in any way related to the Snakeplant, is also great at fighting irritants in the air. It is also great at absorbing formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, a great plant to have by the balcony if you have any neighbours too prone to smoke by their windows.

The Spiderplant also has great transpiration rate, thus making it a useful humidifier. It is easy to grow and does not require heavy sunlight, so leave it by the corner as a decorative pop of green.

It only requires spots of water as long as the soil is moist, and the longer you grow it, the lengthier it gets and the visual value increases!

Monstera Deliciosa

Now we are on the part of the checklist that is reserved for the plants that add an exceptional value of beauty within the household- entering the Monstera Deliciosa.

They are eye-catching and easy growing, and its unique shape definitely makes it so instagrammable when it comes to lifestyle shots. Invite your friends over to admire your beautiful plant and if they like one, pluck a leaf with the node and they can grow one themselves!

Self-sustainable is an understatement for this plant, it only requires watering once every fortnight at least.

We tend to neglect that apart from the visual elements of interior design, smell plays such an important role in building a beautiful home. We are creating a safe space that is comforting before you even open your eyes, such as times when you are sleeping or simply just catching a breath.

All in all, ten options would be an overkill but at least consider your own lifestyle and evaluate which plants would be beneficial for your own home!

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