Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips in Singapore

Published on October 21, 2020 

Top Space-enhancing Kitchen Tips and Tricks for 2020

Renovating a kitchen involves a lot of careful planning from aesthetic to practical considerations, which is also dependent on your budget and lifestyle.

Here's our Top 10 Kitchen Renovation Tips for new homeowners or people who are looking to renovate their outdated kitchen:

1. Opt for a Built-in Table / Island

For families who engage in cooking as a family bonding activity, it is critical to have a spacious and efficient kitchen for their homes. Your kitchen's island counter can easily become the centre of attention where daily culinary preparation routines takes place. However, fitting that kitchen island into a small space may make it look crampy or cluttered.

Having a collapsible built-in dining table that can be pulled out from a drawer is another easy way to double the space in your kitchen for family bonding time. Your dining chairs can be stacked and stored in a closed cabinet or open compartment when you have finished your meals.

kitchen renovation tips

2. Use Open Shelves

Open shelving is another concept that you can explore for your kitchen design to turn your cabinets into an organised display. They provide both functional and aesthetic benefits.

3. Customise to Fit Your Needs

Pre-planning for what you will need for your kitchen is important; it will help you to plan the flow of your kitchen space as well as the layout that best suits your needs. Write and list down the kitchen appliance you have or need, including refrigerators, wall ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, microwaves etc. It is best to inform your interior designer before the design process has begun.

4. Pick Materials / Finishes That Are Durable

Pick the most durable materials or finishes for your countertops and flooring as they will undergo the most wear and tear in your kitchen area.

5. Spice Up the Colours

Turn your home into a pleasant living environment by selecting the right colour scheme. It is an inexpensive way to raise the value of your home with the cost of paint and a few painting tools. Use an all-white theme to keep your space traditional and timeless. For people who are more adventurous, you can opt for a black design with other contrasting colours.

6. Create a Kitchen that Will Last a Lifetime

Kitchens are one of the most used space in our homes. No one wants to spend time remodelling their kitchen only to find that it’s falling apart in only a few years. Everyone wants a kitchen that will look and function beautifully for a long time. We all want a long-lasting kitchen!

7. Keep the Wet and Dry Kitchens Separately

To put it simply: The wet kitchen is named as such, because it’s where most of the cooking and ‘messy’ preparation works like butchering and cleaning of ingredients such as meat, fish, seafood and chicken. The sink and dishwasher, cooking appliances such as the stove and oven, are placed in this area to facilitate cooking.

The wet kitchen involves more cleaning and maintenance compared to the dry kitchen since it’s where most cooking activities take place. In terms of layout, it’s best to position the cooktops as close to the windows as possible for better ventilation.

On the other hand, the dry kitchen is used for light meal preparations such as microwaving or making toast, making breakfast or baking. Electrical appliances like oven and microwave, coffee maker and fridge will be placed in this area which is nearer to the living room.

8. Make it Light and Airy

Kitchen lighting is one of the key investments which cannot be undermined in any renovation project. Proper lighting can illuminate key features of your kitchen while becoming an attraction by itself. Choose between cool white or day light for your kitchen as you need to see whether the food is fresh or cooked. Avoid warm light.

Liven up your space by choosing lights with the highest wattage. Allow natural light to work its magic if you are lucky enough to have a kitchen window with sufficient sunlight.

The kitchen should be well ventilated to reduce toxic emissions, stale smells and stuffy air. Consider adding a modern ceiling fan to accomplish this objective.

9. Quartz Countertops

While you will find many contenders such as concrete, stainless steel, solid surface and marble for the best kitchen countertop, there is one that stands out among them. And it’s none other than Quartz.

In fact, they are becoming an extremely popular choice for kitchen designs in Singapore because of their timeless appeal and ease of integration into any kitchen colour schemes. Furthermore, they are easier to maintain compared to their granite counterparts. KompacPlus is great for homeowners who love matte or wood finishing. It is suitable for Scandi, Industrial or Muji Japanese themes.

10. Don't Forget the Divider / Door

If you are someone who cooks regularly and planning for an open concept kitchen, having space dividers would be essential. Framed glass panels are the preferred choice for homeowners in Singapore for their coolness as they offer a laidback loft-style vibe that is contemporary and timeless. For smaller apartments, clear glass panels can also make it spacious with sufficient lights coming through from inside.

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