7 Types of Toilet Sink to Consider for Singapore Homes

Published on October 29, 2020 

Bathrooms are often overlooked when it comes to renovating, it is also one of the most frequented place in the house, serving as a private and intimate space for everyone at home.

Whether you are giving your toilet a makeover or moving into a new home, you may need a new sink to match the design of your bathroom. Spend a few moments to read this article to uncover some great tips when it comes to selecting the right sink for your toilet.

Here are some of the most reputable toilet sink brands in Singapore:

What type of toilet sink do you like?

There are many sinks available in the marketplace for different uses. Here are some common ones that you can consider:


Take advantage of the corner in your small bathroom by installing a corner sink if you have limited space.


A major benefit of wall-hung basin is that it does not require any form of support. This has a couple of main advantages, the first one being that this makes it much easier to clean up the bathroom floor of dirt and of water spills - for this reason it could be perfect for the messy and busy family home.


Pedestal sinks are great for places like guest rooms where space is limited, and storage is less important. Available in a variety of styles and shapes, they can enlarge a room while enhancing its appearance. You can choose Half-Pedestals or Full Pedestals to match your design style.


A simple trick to preserve valuable floor space in a small area is to install a semi-countertop sink.


Countertop basins are trending in bathroom interior designs and you are sure to have them seen in hotels, restaurants, and other places. These days people have started having them at home and the results are fabulous. Countertop basins are an interesting form of the basin that can fit into any type of bathroom style.

Above Counter/Vessel

Above Counter/Vessel sink are best suited for master bathroom, especially in contemporary and cosmopolitan homes. To increase accessibility to the sink, make sure that these sinks sit above the countertop and the countertop should be lower than normal.


These sinks are best suited for granite, marble and other solid surface countertops. It is not only easy to clean but offers an attractive and minimalist look. However, it is more expensive and only works well with water-resistant and weight-bearing countertops. Hire a professional to install this sink as it requires careful sealing and installation.


How big is your bathroom?

Maximize your bathroom space by knowing the standard dimension for fittings, be sure to check the exact dimensions of the location for the new sink.

How much storage space do you need?

Make sure there is enough deck space to put your toiletries when you are considering your sink options. This is very important when it comes to selecting a pedestal or wall mount sink which do not provide additional storage space.

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