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Commercial interior design is a hot topic among individuals who run a shop front business. Homes are not the only places that require interior design. Commercial spaces like your cafes, retail outlets need them to reflect their philosophy or brand as well. In fact, a well-designed commercial space can leave behind a lasting impression on its customers and lead to increased turnover.

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Unlike a residential unit where the focus is on an individual’s needs and comfort, commercial spaces require more delicate planning.

Some things to consider before engaging a designer for commercial interior design:

1. Does the selected interior design theme reflect your business culture? 

2. Are there other objectives that you want to achieve? For instance, if your goal is to create a fun working environment for your employees, consider using a combination of bright colours. To create a homely environment, you can put sofas, TV console, and a pantry in your office.

3. What unique features would you like to incorporate into your commercial interiors and how are you going to do it?

4. Ergonomics and safety are two important considerations when you are designing a workplace. Think about the fixtures that can be used to improve your employee’s productivity. 

5. Can the proposed renovation work be completed within a certain time frame? For rented properties, a time frame will be given by the landlords or building management where works can be conducted. Therefore, you should determine whether it is worthwhile for you to drag your renovation in view of the increasing rental fees. 

Ready to take your business to the next level with an interior design that matches your brand? Visit our home page to find out more or meet our designer for a consultation today!

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