Which Interior Design Styles Are Suitable For Me?

This is a common question faced by many new homeowners who are renovating their home for the first time. As there are many interior design styles to choose from, it can be quite challenging to know which is the best for your family. Do you plan to have kids or stay with your parents? This is another area to consider when you are selecting a design theme. 

Popular Interior Design Styles for Singapore Homes

In this article, we will cover some of the most popular design themes used in Singapore homes which will give you enough ideas to pick one that meets your needs. We will showcase some of our completed design projects for each theme so you can draw inspirations from them while you are planning for your home renovation. 


Interior Design Styles

Simplicity with a touch of elegance are the key elements of contemporary design. An ever-changing design style that borrows elements of the modern and the past. Unlike other design styles which are devoted to a certain time, look and spirit, contemporary styles follow styles which are in trend today. 

It has a combination of different design styles for people who are more adventurous. A contemporary home is characterised by neutral colour tones like brown, white, taupe and cream, sleek finish and clean looking furnishings and prominent minimalism.


Being fuss-free and simple are the key elements of a modern interior design. It borrows concepts from Scandi and German architecture design. Furnishings and décor with a focus on earthy colors and neutral materials like wood are used to decorate the home. Monochromatic colors, and pattern-less fabricated product set among white-washed rooms are the focus of modern interiors. 


Peaceful simplicity is the highlight of Japanese interior design. An abundance of natural elements like bamboo, pebbles and flower arrangements besides man-made furnishings can be found in a Japanese theme home. It creates a meditative and serene feeling in your home living environment.


“Less is more” is the phrase to describe the minimalist style. Simplicity, clean lines, monochromatic color scheme, uncluttered and reductive are key features of this interior design theme. It allows something other than the space to be the focus. Things should not just be functional but add value to the space.


A design style which takes inspiration from industrial structures, old warehouses and factories. A simple design style that you can easily pull off with furniture, décor and lighting. Bare bricks, wood, metal and recycled materials are décor that you will see in an industrial home. It’s great for people who want to do their part to reduce wastage.


Simple, functional and beauty are the key characteristics of a Scandinavian interior design. Scandi homes are characterised by simple furniture and fresh color palettes. Textiles like carpet and curtains are sometimes used to add texture and warmth to the room. Natural elements like plants may be added to complement the theme. 

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