How to Achieve a Stunning Minimalist Interior Design with Personality

Published on November 19, 2020 

Design trends come and go but minimalist interior design lingers on defining spaces and continuously redefining what it means. 

Minimalist style is relevant today as ever before as we find it as a solace from all the hustles and bustles of today’s modern living. Void of extraneous details, minimalist design affords minimal space while inviting elements of light and flowing space.  

The design line lingers on defining spaces from the humble abode to the most public of spaces, it seems a “less is more” living is here to stay and beyond.  

Do you believe in the “less is more” philosophy? Are you someone who believes that small spaces are more calming? Then you will love the minimalist decorating style. 

Making a space functional is the main focus of this decorating style. You can look at these 8 examples for ideas on how to incorporate minimalism into your home interiors.

1. Set Up a Clean and Workable Stage for Your Minimalist Design Elements

  • Healthy and Wise Decluttering.

    Every design guide on minimalism will tell you that decluttering is the first step in achieving a minimalist home, but tread carefully as you might either get addicted to the idea or ending up getting rid of personal items that actually matter to you.
  • Your decluttering process should start with a goal and priorities in mind.

    Have a small space? Start by categorizing items in this way, you’ll be able to inspect among which valuables should go and what items should stay.
    Why is decluttering important? It reduces valuable time spent on cleaning your space and gives your interior an organized and clean look.  
  • Choose Excellent Storage. 

    The great thing about minimalist spaces is having versatile and compact storage solutions that only modern minimalism can offer. For your minimalist bedroom, you can choose floor to ceiling wardrobe with touch latch and flat fronts for a sleek look. 

Don’t hesitate on opting for a multi-purpose furniture storage. Gone are the days with flimsy manufactured storage units. There’s tons of collapsible, multi-function and compact storage in the market that is both affordable yet durable. For an investment that goes a long way, an interior designer can utilize your space by designing a workable built-in shelving or closet for your minimalist home.  

Blessed with a lot of heart but no height? Don’t fret, you can choose a pull-out step.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Use Colour in Your Minimalist Interior Design

There’s a misconception with regards to the use of colour in minimalist spaces and we should break that notion by creating an interior space with the hallmarks of modern minimalism but at the same time exudes with the right colours to reflect your personality.

  • Go beyond the muted or neutral colours.

    Taking cue to the De Stijl movement where rectangular forms and primary colours are used. Introduce an accent wall painted in red, yellow or blue for an effective focal point. 
  • Make use of universal design rules. 

    Remember to have the three-colour rule where you should choose one primary colour and two complementary colours. Another rule of thumb is the 60-30-10 rule, where 60% is for the dominant colour and 30% as the secondary colour and 10% should be an accent colour.   
  • Personalize your minimalist home with the rules in mind.

    Colour is a universal language and should not be hindered in any interior design style, instead a design element that is cleverly picked and utilized functionally. What’s your colour? Love pink? Then, splash all your walls with champagne pink and further emphasize the lovely hue with a white flooring and ceiling.

    Accent colours? A little flicker of sheen won’t hurt your minimalist style. Choose a large abstract art made from gold or brass material with a black or white backdrop for a powerful effect. Or, why not get crystal or glass sputnik chandelier to give to amp up the look. 
  • Be mindful of your location though.

    You do want lighter or cool shades when you live in a hot and humid place. Looking for a cool hue? Take Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal which is by way their colour for 2021. The sea breeze and coral palette is primarily of blue green tinge that has the undertones of gray hues.  

3. Utilize Natural Light to Setup the Mood

Light colour and intensity play a huge part in setting the mood of a given venue. You can see this in action in bars and restaurants. Usually, bright colours promote a livelier mood for all the patrons while dark with reddish tones promote a more somber mood.

4. Add Hints of Personalized Items as Your Minimalist Decor

Now we can't simply go with just bare walls just because we're aiming for minimalist interiors. It all depends on your interpretation of being a minimalist. Do you mean really stripping as many unnecessary items out of your home or do you simply mean just keeping your design choices as simple as possible while maintaining a hint that this space is actually occupied by an actual person?

Let's explore the latter. Adding hints about your personality through the display of those items can help visitors assess what kind of person lives in that space. Examples, a person who loves history may have many tapestries with historic subjects or someone who loves nature might have a lot of interior plants inside the home.

5. Bringing The Outside In

The choice of decorations can either be artificial or natural. So when it comes to decorating minimalist spaces for those who love nature, indoor plants can be a wholesome addition inside the home. Plants are natural, beautiful, can help absorb harmful gasses inside your house and recycle it to useful oxygen.

Depending on how many plants you have, you might not even need to go outside to enjoy nature especially if it's raining or it's winter. Picking the right combination of plants based on size, colour, and space required for proper growth can make the most out of a minimalist design.

6. Spice Up Your Interior Space with Curves

Nothing says modern, formal, and industrial as straight lines. If this is what you are going for in minimalist design then you can go for it. But not all of us want this. The house must reflect the personality of the occupant in order to even call it home. Having décor elements inside the home with variety breaks the monotony of hard straight edges.

The aforementioned indoor plants are an example of an object that has many curves. When added inside the home, you won't feel like living inside a plain box. However, it is important to take note of the placement of these things as putting them in the wrong spots can make them look out of place. 

7. Express Minimalism with Textures and Colours

If you don't want 3D objects, perhaps playing around with colours and textures could be your way in expressing minimalism through a 2D plane. If you are a fan of neutral colours, you can add more depth by adding textures or patterns that add character or depth.

Of course, different materials also have colours like wood. So, should you go for the natural colour of wood or are you going to paint over it? The texture of a varnished piece of lumber adds a lot of personality to the home.

Natural textures like stone and wood had been a common staple in our homes for the longest in human history while plain coloured walls have only been a thing since the idea of painting walls became a thing. So natural textures will feel natural to our eyes. You get the joys of decorating your home without having to clutter your space with 3D decors and this is one possible way of implementing minimalism to your home.

8. Physical vs Digital Media

If there's one thing many of us hold dear, it's our entertainment collection. While physical collection of books, movies, and games, aren't necessarily decorations, they can be in the right context. Ever since these forms of media can be stored electronically, many people argue about the merits of owning physical copies over digital. For starters, a physical collection can be shown off to friends and family. But it can be a nightmare when deciding how to manage the interior layout of a home with shelves of these around. 

On the digital side, storing these on file servers is the optimal solution to achieve true minimalism. After all, a file server can be tucked away in a corner down in the basement or up in the attic out of sight. 

Maintenance is a breeze as you don't have collections of media collecting dust in your living room. When you want to watch or play, you don't have to dig up your collection as a properly set up network will allow you to browse your collection on your phone, PC, game console, or smart TV.  

Of course, there's also media that can be streamed directly from the internet so you don't even have to maintain your own server, just a decent internet connection.  The downside is that if the streaming service closes, you might lose access to all those media. 

So, it's all down to the interior designer and home owner on what approach to take.


Going the minimalist way doesn’t need to be stark and bare, with the guidance of an experienced interior designer, you are sure to have a functional, personalized and awe-inspiring space that are worth your investment.  

Amp up your living space with the best design solutions from the most creative minds in the area. Honeycomb Design Studio is a reputable interior design firm that provides excellent service to all types of interior design needs. Whether building a new home or renovating one, we have the experience and passion to provide you with the best interior design inspired by your very needs that’s within your price range.

Interested in the minimalist interior design for your home? Get a quote from us today! 

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