Scandinavian Interior Design - 10 Simple Ways To Achieve It

Published on November 17, 2020 

More than just another minimalist design, Scandinavian interior design are about bringing in the organic and humanism into the contemporary modern. 

Scandinavian style seems to be popular among the millennials and generation zoomers of today, as you’ll see Instagram feeds flooded with stunning apartment makeovers and hacks dedicated to the Nordic style. 

Who would not fall for the blissful and almost heavenly Scandinavian style? Pale walls deluged in soft sunlight matched with fawn-colored wooden panels and elegantly crafted furniture with such a homely air, there is no wonder the Nordic theme is as popular as before. 

Scandinavian interior design

A Bit of History

Scandinavian design is not your novice style as it was popular back in the 1950s from its emergence 20 years ago. It has its roots from the five Nordic countries namely Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Originating from the frigid regions, it has a need for bright and cozy interiors. Since then, it has established as a simple and clean, inspired by nature with an emphasis on domestic spaces.

Scandinavian continues to be a popular option among its modern contemporary styles, and you will find that the theme is a favorite showcase for both interior design firms and decorators.

Why Scandinavian Interior Design is For You?

Whether you are planning to spruce up your flat or building a new home, Scandinavian interior is a practical choice that can be a timeless theme that exudes comfort and aesthetic appeal to your investment property. Your interior designer will help you achieve the Scandinavian home that fits your preference and way of living. But what are the benefits of having a Scandinavian interior design?

1. Overall health and Wellness through Natural Illumination.

Daylighting has been linked to its positive effects on our physiological and psychological well-being. And the first thing you will notice with Scandi style is its well-lit interiors with large windows opening to natural vistas and letting in the natural light. The bright interior induces a positive and relaxed atmosphere perfect for any home.  

Living in a tiny space where large windows are not an option? Make the most of your available windows. Do away with traditional curtains to invite more daylighting as much as possible. If you live in a place with hot temperatures, you can choose to apply window films which can block almost 86% to 90% of the heat, infrared, and UV rays.

2. Welcoming Air through Beauty of Nature and Its Abstraction.

More than just large windows, the warm wooden elements such as light-colored wood flooring plays a part too. To further showcase the natural texture of your floors, you will find no wall to wall carpets but hardwood that is softened by using rugs or sheepskins. You will find other earthy elements here and there such as ottomans made from jute, throw pillows made from faux fur or hemp. Upholstery is also used for seating to create contrast.

In Scandinavian interior spaces, you will find a good number of wooden elements most specifically for furniture as well as wood accents. Hints of reclaimed wood as coffee or side tables are also popular. Light-colored wood materials such as mahogany, oak, pine, and teak are commonly found as well. 

An oversized plant in a living room is also typical in Scandinavian home décor where bringing natural elements add character and a homely feel to the minimalist space. You can also add a rough hessian sack or wrinkled paper bag to add personality to the otherwise clean and stark space.

3. A Gorgeous Home through Statement Luminaires

The Nordic theme is as entrancing at night as it is during the daytime. The pale surrounding is the perfect stage for statement lighting. May it be a sputnik luminaire or a geometric pendant lighting, these eye-catching art pieces are an opportunity to add flair and touches of metal in the modern style.

Drops of simple pendant lights above a wooden dining table is a common feature in Scandi designs. Another common feature is large statement luminaires that are perfect in drawing the eyes up to create an illusion of a higher ceiling.

4. Uncluttered with Minimal Décor and Clean Lines.

With white to pale-colored walls and just one to two accent colors are enough for a serene and polished backdrop. Simple elements make the home décor easier on the eyes, and as true to its modern roots, functionality is as its core for the Nordic theme. 

Just like any modern design style, a Scandinavian home keeps a space free of clutter and keeping only the most valuable items available. The use of clean sleek surfaces, even for storage furniture is a feature of the Scandi furniture. Use touch lock systems if you want seamless surface on your cabinets.

5. Simple and Clean is Perfect for Small Spaces

A touch of warm wood and fabrics with white or pale walls is a perfect interior design theme if you are living in a tight space. Emphasizing functionality, you will only need items that matter to you, liberating the area to invite light and space into your small space. 

When it comes to kitchens, you’ll find the uncluttered countertops only topping with subtle décor elements such as wood bowls or glass vases. 

Mirrors can be used to create an illusion of space. Mirrors and metal textures have been long accents in Scandinavian interiors and are a favorite feature in modern homes. You will find round mirrors that fill in the void on walls. 

Small bedroom? No problem. Use mirrored finishes on your closet or dressers. 

Adding glass partitions works to create privacy, such as adding a home office space to maintain a continuous flowing space.

6. Sleek Handcrafted Furniture Pieces for a Personalized Touch

Most Scandinavian furniture is handcrafted, showcasing artistic pieces that can be standalone décor or conversation pieces. You will find a mid-century modern sofa as a staple option for your Scandinavian living room that is slim in built yet comfortable. Taking cue from its vintage roots, you will see the sleek tapered legs and arched backing which are hallmarks of the Scandinavian style. 

Add modern furniture pieces to the traditional furniture you have. An arched chrome luminaire will sit perfectly beside a jute-textured lounger for instance. Simplicity is a theme when it comes to choosing furniture. For the dining room, for instance, you will find light-colored wood or a plain white dining table.

7. Interesting Interior Spaces through Modern Art

Scandi art is having the same design elements that are clean, neutrally colored, and simple in form although hints of analogous colors are also common. 

Single line illustrations are a popular option now as it can be a self-portrait or abstract form. Monochromatic art such as botanical framed dried plants and flowers are also a rave now.

8. Ultimate Comfort through Dynamic Textiles

The great thing about Scandinavian décor is that it uses natural textures to add warmth and juxtaposition to the clean and pale surroundings. The organic textures compensate for the lack of detailed décor, common to traditional themes. You can layer a luxurious comforter with a fur throw blanket to create a cozy spot in your living or bedroom area.

Corduroy, knitted, and other handwoven textiles with gray or blue undertones work best with the neutral environment.

9. A Piece of History with Simple and Subtle Touches

Want to include a piece of your travels or from your old home? Why not throw a patterned center rug with herringbone or other splashes of geometric patterns to anchor down your furniture elements. These simple and subtle patterns create a more personalized touch to your Scandinavian interior.

10. Surprising Splashes of Color to Add

Nordic interiors welcome splashes of color, especially in furniture. You will be surprised to find a brightly colored chair that is in juxtaposition against its pale background or a tangerine-colored throw pillow sitting perfectly amidst the gray hued sofa lounge. Notable influencers of the dashes of color include Swedish artist and designer Carl Larsson, who is famous for his bright and colorful paintings in the late 19th century. 

But remember that accessories with eye-popping colors should not crowd on tables or shelves, instead opt for a statement piece or two, this creates an elegant focal point in your room. 

Scandinavian decor favors juxtaposition. So, do not be afraid to go all-in on an all-white dining room against a blue or black sculptural centerpiece for a more dramatic approach, this is also a great way to inject a masculine touch to your Nordic style.


Elegance with utilitarian purpose at its finest, the Scandinavian design is an enduring style that is continuing to make an impact in today’s modern home spaces. With the need for more versatile yet aesthetically valuable interior designs in the space-starved homes of today, the Scandinavian interior theme will continue to become a popular option for many generations to come. 

To get more out of the modern theme, you can consult a professional interior design firm to guide you on how to achieve the Nordic home theme.

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